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Event Toilet Hire Specialists in the Neath Area

A1 Loo Hire has all kinds of portable toilets available to event organisers in and around the Neath area. On this page, we’ve looked to provide some information on the most popular types offered as part of our event toilet hire service.

Our Range of Portable Toilets

Disabled Toilet & Wet Room– When investing in event toilet hire, it’s important to consider the needs of disabled attendees. Ensuring there are ample, clean and comfortable disabled toilets is essential. If you’d like advice on how many disabled toilets you might need per single or trailer unit, give us a call on 01656 665 542. The figure may vary depending on the size and nature of the event you’re hosting.

Shower Units– As part of our toilet hire service, which covers Neath and all surrounding areas, we can provide shower units – although if you’re hosting a music festival, be aware not all attendees will take advantage of this amenity! We can provide both Four Bay Shower Units and Six Bay Shower Units, which as their names suggest can handle up to four and six people respectively. They feature separate cubicles for privacy, and each unit uses its own heater to regulate water temperature.

Singles– The most widely used type of portable toilets, single units are great for small events around Neath, allowing users to wash their hands with warm water without the need for a mains connection. We hire out standard single units, builder’s toilets and specially adapted disabled toilers.

Trailers– Trailer units are fantastic for larger social occasions and events where a sizeable attendance is expected and single unit toilet hire won’t cut the mustard. They feature multiple cubicles and urinal fixtures, allowing multiple event-goers to relieve themselves in a clean and comfortable environment.

Urinals– If you’re planning a social or corporate event in the Neath area, A1 Loo Hire can provide you with either single urinals or the PQ Buster Urinal. The former is great for smaller events, while the latter – which boast capacities of 660l, enough to handle 2,000 continuous visits –is fantastic for large outdoor events.

Welfare Units– Our light and compact welfare units contain lighting, a private toilet and washroom, hot and cold water and food preparation facilities – including a microwave oven. They’re great to help keep event staff or performers fed and comfortable. If personal belongings need to be stored inside, that’s not a problem, as our welfare units are very secure.

Interested in our event toilet hire service? Contact A1 Loo Hire on 01656 665 542. We’re the premier provider of portable toilets operating in and around the Neath area.

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